The relationship between the values of fairness and justice with the poems: “A Psalm of life” and “The tide rises, the tide falls”

In this essay, I am going to show the relationship between the values of fairness and justice with the poems: “A Psalm of life” and “The tide rises, the tide falls”, both written by the same author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, that trough metaphors shows different ways to see life.

In the case of the poem “A Psalm of life”, Longfellow shows the perspective of a young man that is speaking “from his heart” and cannot accept that “Life is but an empty dream”, or that the goal of life is dead, because it is not just with his feelings and ideals of life. Instead, he thinks life is about acting and going beyond the sorrow and the happiness. It is about fighting for what is just and fair for everyone, like a hero, always been guide by God and his laws. In addition, the young man says life is about, leaving our “footprint on the sands of time”, so we can influence or guide other persons in the future for following our (I suppose) good example, and living the moment, because we cannot trust on…

The Devil & Tom Walker

In this essay, I am going to show the relationship between the values of trustworthiness and thankful with the characters and some situations that happened in the story of “The Devil and Tom Walker”, but first, I consider that for understanding the followings comparisons we should know the meaning of each value.
Then so, Trustworthiness means how much someone or something deserves trust and Thankful means grateful or showing thanked with someone or something.
Now, we should focus on the characters of the story that may show or not the values already mentioned. These characters are Tom Walker, Tom´s Wife and The Devil or Old Scratch.
At the beginning of the story was told the “miserable” way in that Tom and his wife lived and felt, and the kind of toxic relationship that they had. This shows that they weren´t thankful with the relationship and the life they had together. In addition, they were in a constant quarrel, they cheat each other and Tom´s Wife had hidden the more valuable thing…

The Witch of the Candy Path

In a little country, which name is unknown. We find the legend of a witch that habit the woods, and that led a path of candies before and after committing a murder or massacre. The people of a village nearby these woods said that in a period of 50 year, everything was normal and calm, the people was happy and the only cause of deceases was the old age some people reach. However, during an entire year, the people of the village and its surrounds listened news about murders committed at the woods, and that which crime scenes where such a “bath of blood”, mixed with a bittersweet smelt, that even the bravest and undisturbed would make him or her throw up.

“It is an old legend,” the younger people said, and against any advisement, a group of friends decided to have a party into the woods, the year after the 50-year period of calm.

Sara, that was there just for taking care of her brother, decided to walk alone around the woods, she is not a party girl and no one would care about her absent.…


Colombia is a country located at the north-west of South America. This country area is of 1’141.748 Km2, in which we can find all the thermal floors and many kinds of biomes. This means that Colombia has all the climates, cold and warm, and that makes Colombia a place in were you are able to plant any kind of products. But of course Colombia outstands the most in the exportations of coffee, bananas and flowers, which are produce all around the country, but mostly (not all of them) at the highlands of the Andes that pass all through the country. From this mountains, a great amount of rivers have their start points, rivers such as the Magdalena, Cauca, Caquetá, Patía, etc. These rivers are flowing all around the country and they are important because they provide the people many resource. This rivers ends in Colombia´s two big bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, were we could find the islands of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina that are located at the At…


Sofía Marrugo Castillo, more known as sofy or Marru, was born the six of July of 2002 at Barranquilla, Colombia, right now she is 16 years old. Her parents are Adalberto Marrugo and Norelis Castillo.

She hace live her entire life in Barranquilla. When she was 3 years old her brother, Miguel was born. Later, when she was 4 years old, she began her piano lessons with her father, she was not as good as a China child that at that age is playing complex pieces, but at least she learned who to find the note Do or C at the piano, and also playing simple Tunes like Titanic's theme tune. Later, when she was 7 years old she began to learn english at the British Internacional School of Barranquilla and in particular classes in the afternoons with my teacher Mrs. Julia. When she was 8 years old, she began to learn how to play the saxophone and, at the same year, she got to the BIS's Orquesta that her father directed. Then, when she was 10 years old, she changed of school and she moved to t…